They have really thought of everything….haven’t they…

From the super racsit Obama Waffles to the McCan’t coffee mugs, people have been seriously selling this stuff out of their asses. I thought was had hit a plateau where we were just doomed to stare at Obama/McCain bobble heads, with a few extra Hillary’s thrown in. But this goes to show you, just when you think we’ve exhausted all possible campaign consumer options….this comes. And honestly…I love it!

The FOLDING OBAMA!!!! Don’t worry, they also have John McCain, both their spouses and Vice Presidential running mates!!! There is also a Hillary htrown in there. The best part is the stuff people have done with them….hahahaha this makes my day.

You can find Folding Obama and McCain at

At least just look at it, it’s a good time. It’s free to download the templates and a nice little afternoon project! : )


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