It’s Like She’s Feeding Me Halloween Crack

I was browsing the Martha Stewart website, just in case I missed something ealier and what I found was shocking.

How could I have missed this spiderweb table cloth! It’s cutte and easy to make and goes with all the other crap I’ve been drooling over.

What You’ll Need:

Off White Fabric (about 10inches wider than your table)

Iron and Ironing board


Invisible marker (blacklight reactive)

1. Fold in half to make a rectangle.  Press with Iron.

2. Fold in half to make a small square. Press with iron.

3. Position so that the center of the original square is at top left. Fold left bottom corner to right top corner to make a triangle. Press with iron.

4.Fold top right corner  down to triangles longest side. Press with iron.

5. Place the point of the triangle in the center of the table. Let the rest hang off the edge. A few inches from the edge, cut an inward arch.

6. Unfold fabric. Lay over a paper covered surface to help absorb marker. Trace the fold with the marker (you might wanna use a ruler).

7. Outline the bottom of the table cloth and add some bowed lines parallel to the edge. Let dry for 20 mins.

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    alegna75 said,

    NICE!!! I love some of the things Martha comes up with, I am using her “skulls in a cake display” idea on our table at our Halloween party. I am shocked I missed this myself, definetly going to print this out and give it awhirl!

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