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Awesome Blog Shout Out

A Day in the Life of a Rockstar Bride is an effing awesome blog and she has the most adorable Thank You cards. Check her out.


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Alternative Wedding Dresses

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m feeling the hurt of the economy. And yet, prices in the bridal industry are going up!!!!! WTF!!!!! So I’m on a hunt for an inexpesive dress, that looks like double what I paid. I’ve decided that  a white bridesmaids dress is the way to go. And the good part of all that is you can still get a high end brand.

Here is a really pretty Augusta Jones Gown and it’s waaaay less expensive doppelganger from the Priscilla of Boston Vineyard Collection



A lot of companies that make solely bridesmaids gowns are now offering alternative wedding dresses, which are just their dresses in white, but some of these places are jacking up the price, annoying but still cheaper.


Jenny Yoo Simone

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In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t quite been on a bloging roll lately. I’ve been at home, spending time with family. But I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday!


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Free Download: Tiki Fortune Teller

Here’s a super cute download from the artist Heather Watts. It’s easy to do and fun.She also has a fun little “Build you own tiki” game on there.



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D.I.Y: Home made Coffee Sleeves

I always feel guilty when I go out for coffee and get a sleeve, because it’s suuuuch a waste of paper. So, I always end up opting not to get one and then after that I usually burn myself. Here’s a solution to both my problems and a good last minute gift for coffee (or tea) lover everywhere. A tutorial from Pink Milk and Fairycakes!


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D.I.Y.: Rock Candy Awesomeness


Check out this awesome tutorial on Once Wed!

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The Cutest Christmas Cookies Ever!

Once I am feeling better, I plan to make these. Cookies always make good gift for the numerous people you wish you could buy things for but don’t have the money to do it. I found these recipes at Design*Sponge, they’re done by Caroline Swift, who not only is a talented baker bu a fashion designer as well. Be sure to try only the cookies but the cherry brownies and the champagne sorbet.



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D.I.Y.: Hand Printed Scarves!

Check out this awesome tutorial on how to hand print a fleece scarf from Curbly. It would make an awesome diy gift, or even just a treat for your self! Pardon the short posts, I’m sick and feel like crap.



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Free Download: Vintage Gift Wrap Tags

Sweet Jessie has this super cute free download. All you have to do is print them out on some cardstock, write your to’s and from’s and you’re good to go!


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D.I.Y.: Snow Garland!!!!

I’ve been looking for someing to give my apartment a more wintery feel, and I think this might be it. It’s super easy, all you need a dental floss, some sticky dots and you’re set. I found it on, an awesome d.i.y. website.



I’m seriously doing this today.

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