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Free Download: Favor Templates from Martha

These are super cute print these on sticker paper or just glue them to your project. It’s easy and adds a little bit of flare.

mwd103906_sum08_round_xlLink Here

mwd103906_sum08_favors_xlMonogram link here

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Update: D.I.Y. Invitations

For my invitations I created my own design and ordered 100 free postcards from Vista Print. At first I was worried about how glossy they would turn out, I was expecting something high gloss and funky. I recieved them last week and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they weren’t glossy at all. They were a almost matte with a slight glossy finish. We’ve decided to change everything about my wedding including the venue, so they were irrelevent by the time I recieved them, however, I’m going to go through the same process again, because I liked the way they turned out. Yay.

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Register Madness

I feel really weird registering for anything. I think because for one, I live in an apartment and so I don’t have much storage and two because we’re in the middle of a recession and I don’t want to be a burden on anyones wallet. But a I read an article about why you should register and I took away one thing. Register for things you ould use for the rest of your life. The only thing I can think of that I could really use and would benefit me in the future is flatware. It’s easy to store and I use it 24/7.  Here are a couple of my faves so far.

52511109179czKate Spade Malmo Flatware by Lenox $60 per Setting

aaaaaqyjuowaaaaaaprjygCrate and Barrel Emerge Flatware $35 per setting

0eab4b78105a0f9a5b73408594f1b964-origCrate and Barrel Oona Flatware $29 per setting

00293fdb_360x360Crate and Barrel Oona Serving Set $37

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Wedding Day Jewellery

Here are some awesome finds from Etsy.

From Ruby Rouge Jewellery



Le Collezione




Hilary Caroline


Luxe Deluxe




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Shoes!!! Shoes!!! Shoes!!!

I thought once I found my dress I could stop stressing about what I was wearing on the big day. Sike! I was so wrong. So now all I think about is what shoes I should wear. But the obsession doesn’t stop there. It’s my excuse to buy really awesome everyday shoes. So not only do I look into the cutest shoes I can find, but also how sturdy they are and how comfortable are….here’s what I like so far.

_5749093 Seychelle Baby Doll Pump Nordstorm

10757-739536-dDiego Li Lucca Ladonna Ruffled Flat DSW

101708_02_lPrima Donna High Heels ModCloth

ball01kyesyw_mChinese Laundry Attitude

110508_03_lPlum Brandy Pump ModCloth

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DIY: Lip Scrub


I think at this point everyone knew about this method, but me.  I used about a tablespoon of white grandulated sugar and added a little bit of olive oil, enought so it was thick and pasty but not enough to make it oily.

Then I put it on a tooth brush and scrubbed. Rinsed the toothbrush and then added the rest of it and scrubbed some more. It was awesome! I felt like a movie star with super smooth, glowy lips! But the next day they felt back to normal.

So I tried it again but this time added honey, because I know that it holds in moisture. And voila, awesome lips that last for days!

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Real Wedding: Sharon and Dean

I found this awesome wedding on WeddingBeePro. Instead of wanting something campy, like moi, they chose to go for the subtle Hawaiian vibe. Their super gorgeous flowers were done by Kristen from The Treasured Petal. I’m so impressed. I have yet to find someone incorporate ginger as beautifully as in this cocktail centerpiece.

Check it.






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Inaugural Awesomeness

We have more than just the new predisent to celebrate. Not only was today the start of a new era in this country, but it was an awesome day for fashion.


I’m not at all surprised that our First Lady looked super classy. But Malia! That is the cutest effing coat! Anyway in spirit of the election ModCloth is offering a one day 44% off slae on 12 items. Check it out. Also Check out Vintage Glam for her sweet deal she’s got going on with them as well. A raffle for an $80 gift card. Yay for deals!

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Enough About Weddings, Let’s Talk Honeymoon!

I am so sick of wedding talk right now, so I decided to focus on my honeymoon which provided to be a much needed, uplifting thing to think about. But considering the ecomony a lavish honeymoon might not be in the equation for some. We originally intended to go abroad, but who really has the time to go get a passpot? Not I. Anyway, we decided on Hawaii, since the FI has never been and I’ve never gone as a visitor, I’ve only gone to stay with my grandparents (We spend more time at Korean family reunions than at the beach. Lame)   Being super familiar with the area, I was able to come up with a list of cheap/free things to do around Oahu.

First of all for airfare check out I found the most reasonable prices through this site and it allows you to do side by side comparisons of other sites as well.

Sunset on the Beach is a free movie shown on a giant screen on the beach in Waikiki. It has live stage performances starting 2 hours beforehand and you can pack a picnic. Super cute. Super free. Super fun.

If you stop by the Ala Moana Center’s centerstage, theres usually something bizarre going on. One time I saw a “Senior Showgirl Show”. It was essentially 80 year old women in tights doing high kicks and the can-can and kicking serious ass at it.

Go to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. You can find items here for much cheaper than at the International Market Place. Far better variety as well!

There’s a craft fair nearly every weekend at Thomas Square. There is a large canopy of trees, with these long, twisty, dangling branches that hang down.

Every night at 6:30 there is a torch lighting ceremony at the Duke Kahanamoku staue. There ceremony include a hula show. Get a plate lunch and camp out a little early. It definatly is a way better experience than one of those luau’s that you play $100 per person for and the food will be better.

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Don’t Waste Your Money!: Cheap Wedding Gown Alternatives

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a white bridesmaids dress as my wedding gown, but so far I hadn’t seen anything that impressed me. But, oh, how so much can change in a day! I was really attracted to the Jenny Yoo Bridal Alternative line and made an appointment at Bella Bridesmaid, who carried the line. I was so impressed by this place, they even had a section of white alternative gowns. I found the perfect Badgley Mishka Dress for $290!!!!!! I’m so pumped, it’s not even funny. Here’s a couple of others we found through out the day we loved and some others I looked up for fun!

1409_primaryPriscilla of Boston Vinyard Collection

pb212_primaryPriscilla of Boston

950014_primaryBadgley Mishka

008_primaryBadgley Mishka

sb2088_primarySaison Blanche

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