Enough About Weddings, Let’s Talk Honeymoon!

I am so sick of wedding talk right now, so I decided to focus on my honeymoon which provided to be a much needed, uplifting thing to think about. But considering the ecomony a lavish honeymoon might not be in the equation for some. We originally intended to go abroad, but who really has the time to go get a passpot? Not I. Anyway, we decided on Hawaii, since the FI has never been and I’ve never gone as a visitor, I’ve only gone to stay with my grandparents (We spend more time at Korean family reunions than at the beach. Lame)   Being super familiar with the area, I was able to come up with a list of cheap/free things to do around Oahu.

First of all for airfare check out Kayak.com. I found the most reasonable prices through this site and it allows you to do side by side comparisons of other sites as well.

Sunset on the Beach is a free movie shown on a giant screen on the beach in Waikiki. It has live stage performances starting 2 hours beforehand and you can pack a picnic. Super cute. Super free. Super fun.

If you stop by the Ala Moana Center’s centerstage, theres usually something bizarre going on. One time I saw a “Senior Showgirl Show”. It was essentially 80 year old women in tights doing high kicks and the can-can and kicking serious ass at it.

Go to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. You can find items here for much cheaper than at the International Market Place. Far better variety as well!

There’s a craft fair nearly every weekend at Thomas Square. There is a large canopy of trees, with these long, twisty, dangling branches that hang down.

Every night at 6:30 there is a torch lighting ceremony at the Duke Kahanamoku staue. There ceremony include a hula show. Get a plate lunch and camp out a little early. It definatly is a way better experience than one of those luau’s that you play $100 per person for and the food will be better.


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