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D.I.Y.: A Deer’s Head That Doesn’t Make You A Little Uncomfortable


Blending yours and your fiance’s style can be quite a task. A lot of it depends on compromise. Here’s one of those uber trendy deer heads everyone is scambling for. But instead of nailing an actual animal to your wall and to spare you getting the inflatable version that has swept the Urban Outfitters crowd, here is a cute one that both you and the FI can agree on.

Check it out at Chronicle Books Blog

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D.I.Y.: Paper flowers put to good use

I don’t know if you’ve seen the D.I.Y. project involving some serious twigs and cute paper flowers, but I found the most awesome example of someone who really took it and made it their own. It just goes to show you, that just one D.I.Y. project can go a long way.

2538696039_15d75135e4_oThe original project by Dozi. Find the tutorial here


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D.I.Y.: Fabric Boutonnieres

I love these fabric flower boutonnieres, mostly because I hate the idea of wasting so much money on expensive flowers that will basically die days later. These are a great alternative, you can customise the fabric to go with any theme.


Check out the how-to at Once Wed

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Summer Details: Retro Red

I’m loving these little summer wedding details. By gouing with something a little more fun, you can cut costs and just go D.I.Y.






All courtesy of The Knot

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Thank You Cards

One of the most important part of your wedding is the Thank You cards. Seriously, my Grandmother gave my brothet the silent treatment for like two years because he never said thank you for a Birthday gift she had sent him. While most people won’t react as harshly as that, I can tell you with experience, it kinda of hurts their feelings. AND it’s kinda a dick move on you part.

Anywho, I’m obsessed with these Thank You cards from Elum. I, personally, am going to use the yellow starburst design.




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Free Download: Giving Tree Save The Date

How adorable is this Giving Tree Save The Date. It could be used for a bunch of other things as well, but it’s perfect for an outdoorsy eco wedding. Print it out on some kraft cardstock and you have yourself a winner.


Check it out over at Merriment. Be sure to leave a comment so the couple who created t knows it’s a hit!

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Real Wedding: D.I.Y. Backyard Wedding

This is one of my favorite weddings from last year. In my opinion i embodies the spirit of a D.I.Y. wedding at it was personized to mean so much more to the couple. The bride wore a prom dress instead of the traditional white gown and had her bridesmaids just wear any color of blue that suited them.

In addition to creating the decor and her flower arrangements, they also self caterd. Damn. That’s hardcore




Via OffBeatBride

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Not that this is at all relevant…..

…But I want one of these new Target chairs or this fabulous couch. Too bad the recession makes this only a distant dream… day…..




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Free Download: Wedding Planning Template

I am a huge fan of wedding planning tools. I have like three notebooks and none of them hae the same information in them and I spent goodmoney on all of them. But lo and behond Russell and Hazel have a lovely new Wedding Organizer Set, you can buy it for about $75.

OOOOOOR you can download the free templates online and make your own for free!!! I chose the latter and the great part is that all the templates are downloaded separately so you can pick and choose which are nessecary for you and your wedding. I love it!


Check it out here

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Real Wedding: Vegas, Baby!!!

I found this BITCHIN’ wedding via Rock n’ Roll Bride. Daniel surprised his fiancee, Davina with an elopement at The Little White Chapel in Las Vegas. He hired a photographer and had him meet them there and what came out of it all was not only beautifully composed photos, but a couples that beams with joy. Too cute.




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