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More Holiday Guides…

over at Bang Bang!!!

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It’s here!!!!

My new blog!!!!!

Go to and check it out


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Coveting Trees

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Diy Holiday Tutorials from DesignSponge

Today I was perusing DesignSponge and found these gems…I will be doing both. I’m excited. It’s freezing outside, so I’m enjoying and instant (gasp) cappachino. Perfect blend between hot chocolate and wih a slight coffee twinge. I also managed to score a blow out and some serious needed texurizing today!

terrarium ornaments

felt pomander wreath

On another tangent, I’m going to Disneyland! It warrented use of my jumbo disneyland mug!

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WTF: Here’is hoping for snow!

Last time it was this cold in San Francisco it “hailed” an inch. It was the scarriest and raddest moment of 2005 though for sure. I was driving, which was terrifying but once we reached the coffee shop we were going to we had hail ball fights and watch Muni breakdown.

It snowed in the central valley the other day! Here’s hoping for a white holiday season.

A girl can dream can’t she.

Snow in Stern Grove 1962

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Holiday Garland!!!

I love garland. There are always endless possibilities, and there’s nothing like enjoying the fruits of your labor once it’s strewn all over your house. I haven’t decided which one I will be making yet, too many to choose from.

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Somethin’s a brewin’

I apologize for my absence, but it will all be worth it in the end. I’m  starrting a newer, bigger, better blog, packed with tutorials and all kinds of fun stuff!!!

In the mean time enjoy some things I’m obsessing over lately:

This yellow house

Vintage Mermaids

Lace Eyeshadow

Matte Stephens


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