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Gorgeously Green

I’m sure many of you have already stumbled onto the awesomeness that is Sophie Uliano, but I must enlighten the rest.  Sophie manages to give you realistic and practical advise for greening your home, body and diet.  It was a definite eye opener for me. Some things we don’t think about, like packaging, even on eco-friendly products and chemicals in everyday products. It’s defiantly a good read.


Check out her website at


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DIY: Lip Scrub


I think at this point everyone knew about this method, but me.  I used about a tablespoon of white grandulated sugar and added a little bit of olive oil, enought so it was thick and pasty but not enough to make it oily.

Then I put it on a tooth brush and scrubbed. Rinsed the toothbrush and then added the rest of it and scrubbed some more. It was awesome! I felt like a movie star with super smooth, glowy lips! But the next day they felt back to normal.

So I tried it again but this time added honey, because I know that it holds in moisture. And voila, awesome lips that last for days!

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