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Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad!

I always have trouble thinking of something good for my Dad. Mainly becasue he manages to buy himself everything before I could ever get something first. More at Bang Bang!

Wooden Radio

This sucker hooks up to your Ipod and everything. Love it! Velocity

Mad Men Season 1

If your Dad hasnt seen this yet, he will love it. If he already has it, Season 3 hopefully will be available by Christmas. Amazon

USB Turntable

Converts all your Dads Vinyl to digital. Fred Flare

Clue: Office Edition

Family game night!!!! I think The Office is a universal Dad favorite. Urban Outfitters

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Brothers

Oddly enough I always think of gifts for your brother a cheat. You know they will never get you anything that awesome and the never-ending immaturity will guarantee something bought from the toy section at Target will still be a hit. Here are some new ideas to help with what to get for the second hardest guy in your family to buy for. Check out Bang Bang! for more gift ideas for brothers.

Zombie Shooter

What brother, younger or older wouldn’t want this awesome laser shooter. Chck it out at

Futurama by Kid Robot

Who doesn’t want these super rad 3″ figurines? At Urban Outfitters

Pac Man Gaming Kit

Plug this into your TV and booyah (yes, I said it!) Head over to Fred Flare and check it.

IPod Boombox

Just simply awesome. Urban Outfitters.

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D.I.Y.: Snow Garland!!!!

I’ve been looking for someing to give my apartment a more wintery feel, and I think this might be it. It’s super easy, all you need a dental floss, some sticky dots and you’re set. I found it on, an awesome d.i.y. website.



I’m seriously doing this today.

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Jill Bliss Datebook on Sale!!!

If you’re looking for a gift for your bridesmaids or a cute small Christmas gift, put this awesome datebook on sale for $5.99! I bought, like, three of them. They are so cute! Also, be sure when you order stuff online you check out, it offers tons of coupon codes!


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D.I.Y.: Christmas Crap!

I hate how thanksgiving gets passed over for Christmas. It’s like it doesn’t exist. However, my selection of Christmas decorations is in need of a serious overhaul. It consists of, basically, anything anyone didn’t want and gave to me. So, I decided, I’m starting over. I’m going to keep the stuff I really like and donate the rest to goodwill. This brings me to Amy Butler Design. She has adorable accents that can really pull your Christmas decor together.




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