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Coveting Trees

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Diy Holiday Tutorials from DesignSponge

Today I was perusing DesignSponge and found these gems…I will be doing both. I’m excited. It’s freezing outside, so I’m enjoying and instant (gasp) cappachino. Perfect blend between hot chocolate and wih a slight coffee twinge. I also managed to score a blow out and some serious needed texurizing today!

terrarium ornaments

felt pomander wreath

On another tangent, I’m going to Disneyland! It warrented use of my jumbo disneyland mug!

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Holiday Garland!!!

I love garland. There are always endless possibilities, and there’s nothing like enjoying the fruits of your labor once it’s strewn all over your house. I haven’t decided which one I will be making yet, too many to choose from.

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Pumpkin Rut

I have trouble every year carving pumpkins, because I always end up carving the same not so scary face. But, Martha has inspired, yet again.



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Once I Quit My Job…

…I will have more time for crafts!!!! Here are somethings I want to do during the fall.

Poppy Pins

3888008657_2d941aedcaCheck out all the adorable options for this projects here.

Pom Pom Vines


Anna Bond created these awesome projects for OnceWed, you should also check out her blog here.

Pennant Garland


Jewelery Organizer


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Polaroid Inpsiration

I can’t even tell you how bummed I am that polaroid isn’t making film anymore and I’m way to cheap to buy any marked up film. Eff that. Anyway, In the begining stages of wedding planning I had this whole inspired polaroid wedding in mind. Here are some images I have on my hard drive that I loved.




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D.I.Y.: A Deer’s Head That Doesn’t Make You A Little Uncomfortable


Blending yours and your fiance’s style can be quite a task. A lot of it depends on compromise. Here’s one of those uber trendy deer heads everyone is scambling for. But instead of nailing an actual animal to your wall and to spare you getting the inflatable version that has swept the Urban Outfitters crowd, here is a cute one that both you and the FI can agree on.

Check it out at Chronicle Books Blog

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