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Free Download: Fairytale Notepads

Yet again, something amazing from A Print a Day. This girl always makes my day with herĀ  cute little downloads.

Check it out on her page.

Basic RGB

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Free Download: Dream Catcher Note Pad

I don’t even know what to say. I love A Print A Day


A Print A Day

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Free Download: Funky Flower Invitation Suite

Head over to Custom Printables for this awesome free download. I love how colorful it is!!!


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D.I.Y.: A Deer’s Head That Doesn’t Make You A Little Uncomfortable


Blending yours and your fiance’s style can be quite a task. A lot of it depends on compromise. Here’s one of those uber trendy deer heads everyone is scambling for. But instead of nailing an actual animal to your wall and to spare you getting the inflatable version that has swept the Urban Outfitters crowd, here is a cute one that both you and the FI can agree on.

Check it out at Chronicle Books Blog

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Free Download: Giving Tree Save The Date

How adorable is this Giving Tree Save The Date. It could be used for a bunch of other things as well, but it’s perfect for an outdoorsy eco wedding. Print it out on some kraft cardstock and you have yourself a winner.


Check it out over at Merriment. Be sure to leave a comment so the couple who created t knows it’s a hit!

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Free Download: Wedding Planning Template

I am a huge fan of wedding planning tools. I have like three notebooks and none of them hae the same information in them and I spent goodmoney on all of them. But lo and behond Russell and Hazel have a lovely new Wedding Organizer Set, you can buy it for about $75.

OOOOOOR you can download the free templates online and make your own for free!!! I chose the latter and the great part is that all the templates are downloaded separately so you can pick and choose which are nessecary for you and your wedding. I love it!


Check it out here

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Free Downloads: Fancy To-Do List

I know you’ve probably been there before, partially because I’ve posted stuff from her in the past but also because Print a Day is so awesome I just assume everyone knows about it.

Here is a cute lacy to-do list download. Perfect to customize your own wedding checklist.

She also has a beautiful lacy dress print. How cute would it be on the front of a “Will you be my bridesmaid?” card or bridal shower invitation!


Download here

fancydressCheck out here

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Free Download: Valentine’s Day Cardlettes

Valentine’s Day is coming up. I don’t think I’ve celebrated since you would get boxed of Barbie Valentines and then wait around of Johnny Dreamboat to give you a reciprocal Hot Wheels Valentine. A day full of excitement for tweens, but as an adult I’m way too lazy. Last year, interestingly enough, V-Day reminded me of a monster movie. Men were scrambling in the streets for anything heart shaped. Bidding on oversized ballons and roses. It was hilarious.

Head over to Inside the Black Apple for an awesome treat if you are celebrating V-Day. Or even if your not, because these are super cute.


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Free Download: Favor Templates from Martha

These are super cute print these on sticker paper or just glue them to your project. It’s easy and adds a little bit of flare.

mwd103906_sum08_round_xlLink Here

mwd103906_sum08_favors_xlMonogram link here

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Free Download: Desktop Wallpaper

Nate Williams is a super rad artist and he offers these super cool, super free desktop wallpapers for your computer. Check him out.




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