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Free Download: Valentine’s Day Cardlettes

Valentine’s Day is coming up. I don’t think I’ve celebrated since you would get boxed of Barbie Valentines and then wait around of Johnny Dreamboat to give you a reciprocal Hot Wheels Valentine. A day full of excitement for tweens, but as an adult I’m way too lazy. Last year, interestingly enough, V-Day reminded me of a monster movie. Men were scrambling in the streets for anything heart shaped. Bidding on oversized ballons and roses. It was hilarious.

Head over to Inside the Black Apple for an awesome treat if you are celebrating V-Day. Or even if your not, because these are super cute.


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Free Download: Favor Templates from Martha

These are super cute print these on sticker paper or just glue them to your project. It’s easy and adds a little bit of flare.

mwd103906_sum08_round_xlLink Here

mwd103906_sum08_favors_xlMonogram link here

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Free Download: Desktop Wallpaper

Nate Williams is a super rad artist and he offers these super cool, super free desktop wallpapers for your computer. Check him out.




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Free Download: Tiki Fortune Teller

Here’s a super cute download from the artist Heather Watts. It’s easy to do and fun.She also has a fun little “Build you own tiki” game on there.



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Free Download: Vintage Gift Wrap Tags

Sweet Jessie has this super cute free download. All you have to do is print them out on some cardstock, write your to’s and from’s and you’re good to go!


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Free Wedding Websites

When I was frist trying to figure out what kind of website I wanted, I found out that some cost up to ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!! For a year!!! That’s ridiculous. I knew I need a website though, to make RSVP’s easier and to get out all our info without crowding our invites. So here are some of the sites that I came across that provides free websites.






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Free Download: Victorian Silhouettes


This was in awesome find from iDiy. This ding bat has awesome silhouettes, but the lower case g and the lowercase p give the characters below.


Find them here.

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