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I’m really this cheap…

I’ve had a couple of days to kind of ponder this economy. And it sucks! I have to admit that I’m a pretty thrify shopper, but the I feel the need to be even more of one. I went wedding dress shopping last week and seriously considered a hideous dress because it was $150. And my whole excuse for it’s ugliness was “We’re in the middle of a recession!” So I started thinking about was to incorporate more DIY projects into my everyday life. And although it isn’t winter yet, I thought I should get a head start .

I found this pattern at The Purl Bee. It’s more of a spring patteren but I substituted the thin yarn for regular size and used size 7 needles instead of 6. I also an using this beautiful eggplant purple. I love the way it’s turned out so far. It look difficult but after I spent some time on the first 8 rows, the rest was a breeze.

Here is the link to the full details on the patteren:

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